¡everything´s different?

Theater and performance project about conflict in Ukraine

There is a war going on in Ukraine. Everything turned out to be “different” overnight. For the Ukrainians, the war and its underlying social conflict is a part of their everyday life.

The project ¡everything’s different? shall reflect on the conflict within a theater and performance art festival: How does the conflict influence the affected individuals?

The festival shall create the possibility to the artists from the different regions of Ukraine and the neighboring countries to show the extracts of their personal experiences. They will meet colleagues from other backgrounds and will communicate with each other and with the audience. The cultural events program, for example, visiting of refugee camps, shall serve as a bridge from the theater to the reality.  The festival program shall be shown at four locations in Ukraine.


Ivano-Francivsk:    September 24, 2015
Lviv:                       September 26/27, 2015
Dniepropetrovsk:   October 29/30, 2015
Kharkiv:                 October 31 - November 2, 2015

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The Project ¡everything is different? is the winner of the contest kultur-im-dialog.eu+ 2015 –joint program of Schering Stiftung and MitOst e.V.

The project is realized by VladOpera e.V., Kultura Medialna and other partners.

Funds received from the festival will be donated to victims of hostilities.